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Job Overview  

In November of 2015, CrownQuest Operating, of Midland, TX, opened its brand new corporate headquaters and feild operations offices. With a project so massive in size, CrownQuest needed a solution to a variety of audio/visual needs, both in their large and small scale conference meeting areas. 

For the company's main headquaters, Basin Electric & Technology was asked to design and install an audio/visual presentation solution in six individual conference rooms, which included TVs, projectors, speakers and control systems integration. Each conference room has desktop interface controls to allow participants to input electronic devices directly from the conference table into the presentation system. The cornerstone of CrownQuest's main headquaters is the company's executive conference room, which features 2 beautiful 90" HD Sharp commercial grade televisions with table inputs and complete room control provided by an iPad Mini. Another feature integrated into the design of this project is the ability to combine or indvidually seperate the company's cafeteria and team training room on the lower level. All of the audio speakers, projectors, TVs and lighting controls for both rooms have been integrated into one simple solution, allowing the user to control all the functions of several devices,  from from a single iPad Mini. Having this amount of flexibility allows CrownQuest to have both small and large scale presentations across two combined rooms, all with the click of a button. 

For the CrownQuest Operations Offices, Basin Electric & Technology was asked to provide a large scale solution for the company's large scale meeting rooms. The flagship conference room features (3) 16 ft x 9 ft Da-Lite motorized screens with Eiki projectors, mounted on opposite walls to provide total visual coverage to every seat in the room. For sound, the Tannoy line of ceiling speakers, powered by Lab Gruppen amps, blanket the room with clear sound for an optimal presentation experience. Just like the company's executive board room, the entire room can be controlled with a single iPad Mini as well.  Also included in the company's large scale conference room is a Sharp commercial grade 70" 4k smart board. This amazing piece of technolgoy allows presenters to use the display to write, draw, or navigate through their presentation by simply touching the display screen. Utilizing the monitor's HDMI outputs, the screen and then be fed into the AV system for display to the larger conference room screens.

Basin Electric & Technology is honored to have been chosen for this project by CrownQuest Operating and we are extremely proud of the solutions we were able to integrate into the company's new endeavors!     

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