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First United Methodist - Midland, TX

Worship Center / Atrium

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Job Overview  

In 2015, Basin Electric & Technology was chosen by First United Methodist Church in Midland, TX to provide a brand new, state of the art solution for the church's growing contemporary worship service and a common atrium space. Over the course of this nearly 2-year project, Basin Electric & Technology provided a vast number of services and expertise to help make this building project successful. Our Audio, Video, and Lighting team worked many months to design and install this state of the art solution. 

Worship Center

We started with an amazing, powerful sound system from Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs. Utilizing SBAL's 7108XY Ultra-Compact Line Array provides a smooth audio coverage across the entire seating area. For the low end, two of SBAL's 7118SWX-F flying subwoofers provide plenty of power to fill the room with low-end punch and clarity. At the helm of the audio system is the Midas M32 digital console paired with a Midas DL251 digital stage box. This console is volunteer friendly and sounds great. For stage monitoring, the church asked for a personal in-ear solution, so in keeping with the Midas family of products, we provided the Behringer P-16 personal monitoring system for its great quality and affordability.

Stage Lighting
For the new worship center, the church wanted a theatrical lighting system for services, productions, and the many different events held throughout the year. We incorporated Elation Lighting's high-quality Profile Spots, Tri-White LED's Pars and Six Par 300 fixtures to provide the high-quality theatrical solution they desired. Controlling all the fixtures is the volunteer friendly, Jands Vista v2 software with an S1 hardware controller. This software allows plenty of power to control all the lighting in the worship center with the click of a mouse. With the use of Jands Vista platform, the church is able to control their current lighting set up with ease and expand if necessary in the future.

One of the highlights in the worship center was the use of both presentation and environmental projection. With help from our friends at Eiki, we were able to be one of the first companies to provide Eiki's brand new laser projector solution for this project. Eiki's new 810u 8,000 lumens laser projectors provide an amazing, detailed image that simply blew everyone away. Paired with Da-Lite's new Ultra Thin Bezel screens on both sides of the stage, these projectors present a bright, crystal clear image that is unrivaled at its price point. For special presentations, we installed a Da-lite motorized drop down screen directly above the stage with an 810u for projecting beautiful images on a larger scale.  

For environmental projection, we chose the 6500 lumens Eiki 610u. We installed six of the 610u's to project on the back stage wall as well as the surrounding walls. Using Renewed Vision's Pro Video Player and two Matrox Triple Head 2 Go's, we were able to sync up the six projectors to create a single image across the entire stage and side portions of the room. Paired with the lighting effects, this creates a unique environment for church services and special events.


Throughout the new Atrium, the church wanted to have the ability to be as flexible as possible with the large open space. They desired the ability to play background music as guests and members walked in, broadcast audio from either the sanctuary or new worship center, and be able to hold events locally in the Atrium. We designed a multi-faceted audio system to provide a solution to their needs. To begin, we installed the Tannoy Qflex system to use as the Atrium's main public address system. This system is very flexible; capable of handling both speaking and live music environments with ease. The Qflex system also provides a sleek and clean look to the overall aesthetic of the room. For the Atrium's entry way, Welcome Center and Cafe, we installed the Tannoy CMS 803 ceiling speakers for a clean look and clear full range sound.  Signal to the Atrium speakers is supplied by 2 Lab-Gruppen LUCIA amps, fed by a Behringer x32 rack with iPad control and an s32 stage box.

Video Wall & TVs
One of the highlights of the new Atrium is the use of a beautiful video wall system from Sharp. We installed (9) 60" Sharp PN-V602's to create a large video wall for digital signage and service broadcast to the Atrium area. This display helps create an engaging focal point for the room and helps the church communicate effectively with its guests and members. Throughout the Welcome Center and Cafe' areas, large 70" & 80" TVs are capable of displaying digital signage or broadcast services from either the sanctuary or the new worship center. 

Audio/ Video Distribution
Another one of the many highlights of this project is being able to distribute both audio and video from room to room with ease. The backbone of this entire installation is the AMX AV over IP distribution system. With the AMX AV over IP distribution system, the church is able to route audio and video from any input source (computer, audio console, digital signage player, etc...) and route it to any output source (Projector, Video Wall, TV, Speakers, etc...). This allows an enormous possibility for configurations of the entire AV system, in multiple rooms, all with the click of a mouse. At the heart of the AMX system is a fiber optics backbone that allows 10gb/sec between network switches. With this AMX system the church now has the option to route audio and video signals with ease and flexibility. 

We love to see projects like this take shape! From the initial stages of planning all the way through the execution and delivery to the customer, we love to provide the highest quality solutions to meet people's needs. We are grateful to First United Methodist in Midland, TX for allowing us to provide them high quality, professional solutions for their new worship center and atrium spaces!