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Job Overview  

Mid-Cities Community Church is a large, growing congregation located halfway between Midland and Odessa,TX. Dynamic music and engaging spoken word are critical to the church's worship experience. In May of 2016, Basin Electric & Technology had the opportunity to provide high quality, professional audio solution to meet the church's need for a modern audio system with clarity and consistency. 

With the church's original sound system failing after over a decade of use, Mid-Cities needed a solution that was going to be powerful, dynamic, and most of all, rock solid for years to come. We designed a system incorporating some of the highest quality names in professional audio today. 

Utilizing our great partnership with Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs in Waxahachie, TX, we designed a system that provides sonic clarity and power at both soft and loud sound pressure levels. (6) Sound Bridge 7208XY XYON series loud speakers were arragned in two array hangs that provide evenly distributed, fully dynamic audio across the entire worship space. For low end we flew (4) Sound Bridge 7218SWX QUAD ONE subs with (2) matching 7118SWX subs for the floor. To power this amazing syatem, we integrated Lab-Gruppen amps and processing, making this system extremely powerful.  

At the helm is a Digico SD 10 with fiber loop runs to an SD series rack with 56 inputs, 24 Outputs. For the church's live streaming broadcast we were able to utilize the fiber runs and add a Digico S21 for presitine, rock solid, broadcast audio mixing capabilities.  The beauty of Digico is it's flexiblity and rock solid hardware and software engineering.

Basin Electric & Technology is extremely honored to have been chosen to design and install such a great solution to meet the needs of Mid-Cities Community Church! 

For more information on the products used in this install visit:

Sound-Bridge Acoustic Labs



For more information about Mid-Cities Community Church, visit: www.midcities.org